Wedding Ceremonies at Holy Family

Marriage – A Gift from God for life.

Congratulations if you are planning a Wedding

Weddings at Holy Family ChurchIf you are planning a wedding in Farnham, Aldershot, Ash, Ash Vale Tongham or Normandy talk to us first. It is a great joy to us to be able to share with a couple their preparations for their wedding day and their future married life together. We want it to be a special event in their lives that they can draw strength from in the future. Our parish team will do everything we can to work with the bride and groom in making their wedding day as wonderful as it possibly can be.

Lots of people tell us that Holy Family is a very attractive church and that it has a special atmosphere for weddings; we are glad that people feel this way about the church because it helps people to focus on the presence of God at weddings.

Catholics and non Catholics marrying a Catholic are made equally welcome and no distinction is made in the help and support we give to both partners. Non Catholics will not be asked to become Catholics but they will be asked to respect their partner’s Freedom of Conscience   and to support them in the practice of their faith.

Both partners will be asked to attend a marriage course run by Marriage Care.  The courses for Hants and Surrey are held on Saturdays and there is usually a choice of at least seven different dates in the year.

As part of your own personal preparation in deciding if you want to marry in church we recommend that you obtain copies of  ‘Your Wedding’ (ISBN 0 85231 0935), available on line from Redemptorist Publications, Tel: 01420 83255. You will also find useful and a little amusing a copy of ‘How to survive being married to a Catholic’ also available on line from Redemptorist Publications.

Plan your Wedding in plenty of time

For the necessary administration to be completed you will need to book your wedding no later than six months ahead and preferably longer if you can. If there are very serious reasons why you need to marry earlier than before the minimum notice time the priest or deacon and the registrar will do all they can to help you.

Getting the Wedding you want

Wedding of Natasha and Robin GreenWhen you have decided where to have your wedding ceremony and obtained any delegations or references that may be necessary, the priest or deacon will be happy to help you plan the wedding of your choice. You will also have the opportunity to meet with the Organist and Choir leader and the team that arranges flowers in the church or you may invite a friend or a firm to arrange your flowers.

Wedding photographs and videos may be taken in church during the ceremony. It will be your responsibility to cover any copyright licences for the hymns, but we can tell you how to do this easily.

Who can get married at Holy Family Church, Heath End, Farnham?

1: A Catholic who lives in the parish of Holy Family, Farnham  and is free to marry.

2: A non Catholic who lives in the parish of Holy Family and who is marrying a Catholic from any other part of the world and is free to marry.

3: A Catholic  or non Catholic who lives outside the parish of Holy Family, Farnham and who is free to marry and can show good cause to the local parish priest of the Catholic Partner  and the civil registrar why they wish to marry at Holy Family  in preference to their local catholic parish. Before any arrangements can be made at the Holy Family  Church, Farnham,  written delegation for the marriage to take place from the priest of the parish where the Catholic partner lives must be delivered to the Priest or Deacon at Holy Family  Church. We also need to know that your local wedding registrar has no objection.

Recent Weddings

Wedding of Susan Burton's Niece in June 2012

Wedding of Susan Burton’s Niece in June 2012


A lovely picture of the bridesmaids

A lovely picture of the bridesmaids



Susan Burton’s Father who has been a Parishioner at Holy Family for over 60 years



 Bridesmaid chatting with Deacon John Edwards before the bride arrived
Bridesmaid chatting with Deacon John Edwards before the bride arrived


One of the young bridesmaids reading

One of the young bridesmaids reading












Another niece of Susan Burton










Wedding of David and Joy Appleton on 11th November, 2011

Wedding of David and Joy Appleton on 11th November, 2011


Catholic Weddings and Services of Blessing for couples not resident in the Parish at Holy Angels Church, Ash, and Holy Family Church, Farnham, Heath End

We are happy to welcome any practicing Catholic, whose faith is important to them, and who is having their reception in one of the local popular wedding venues to have their ceremony at Holy Angels Church, Ash or Holy Family Church, Farnham, Heath End.

Only your local Parish Priest is authorised to sign the documentation so before we can book the church we need a letter of introduction from your Parish Priest to say that he is requesting Pastoral Hospitality for you to be married here and for the Priest here (if necessary) to conduct the wedding on his behalf;  (your own Parish Priest is very welcome to conduct the wedding here if he is free).  He will also need to give an undertaking to prepare the necessary documentation and delegate the Priest here to conduct the marriage if he is not able to celebrate the wedding himself.  You will also need to complete the usual Marriage preparation course where you live.

Some information you may want to know:


Use of the Church & Sacristan’s expenses:

The Parish Finance Committee has set a standard contribution for non-residents (which represents a contribution towards the upkeep and maintenance of the church and attendance of the Sacristan (which is significantly lower than that of other churches) of £250.  This should be sent to us no less than one month before the wedding.  If the wedding has to be cancelled, 80% of the contribution will be refunded.

The Organist:

The Organist usually has a personal professional Fee of £85 which is payable one month in advance and is usually non refundable.

Choir or Soloist:

The cost for a soloist or Choir is negotiated independently with the musicians and can only be estimated when you have chosen your music.  If you choose popular songs or hymns a choir or soloist may not be necessary.

The Flowers:

Both Churches are very attractive so the choice of flowers is a personal one.  Several local florists arrange wedding flowers commercially at both the Churches.  We also have volunteers who may be willing to arrange flowers by private arrangement.

The Bells:

The bells are operated electronically by the Sacristan so there is no expense involved.


The Civil Registrar:

You have to obtain the Licence yourself personally at your local Registry Office.  An Authorised Person for Marriage registrations will be required at the ceremony.  The cost of this together with one Certificate is approx. £80.

The Priest or Deacon:

Our Priests and Deacons get no salary from the Church and your personal offering to them for the time they spend preparing and officiating at the wedding is a gift from you to them to help cover their expenses – which include their car and holidays.  It is suggested that you make a contribution equal to your salary for two or three days.  If you are unemployed please do not worry about an offering.

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We will do all we can to make your wedding ceremony or anniversary a very special and memorable occasion.                Father David